Our services can be arranged in different ways according to their type:


By Project:

  • Launch, development and implementation of new operations, functions and services. These services have a start date and end, associated directly to a final deliverable.
  • Invoiced per project.


For service contracts:

  • Support and implementation of operational activities of the client company. These services have a longer timeframe and completion is not directly associated with deliverables, but is established by contract.
  • During the term of the contract ABP assumes responsibilities and objectives in the operational activity of the client, with a Service Level Agreement previously agreed by both parties.
  • These services are provided as a supplement to the effective exploitation of the customer management system.
  • Invoiced by period of time.


Professional Services:

  • Assignment of qualified personnel in client, under the client's planning, management and monitoring activities responsabilities.
  • Invoiced by period of client dedicated time.

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