What was needed:

Prosegur aimed to improve the business cycle of their security business unit, and mainly focused on optimizing customer interfaces and making functional improvements to their business cycle, including quotation processes, complaints, incidents and contracts management, etc.

Additionally they needed to create and detail the processes of their Siebel CRM and WAP, so that portfolio managers work was optimized and productivity increased.

Finally, Prosegur wanted to run an application to keep a digital repository of Prosegur Activa facilities photographs, which would be managed by a single mail account created for this sole purpose and which workers could send photos to.

What we carried out:

Autana proposed a collaboration draft for the Business Cycle Improvement project that approached meeting the increasing demand for consultants according to the workload that might arise, and offering a team leader from Autana, highly familiarized with the CRM software Prosegur is using and with the design and development of the project.

Moreover, in order to optimize Prosegur managers‘ work, the Autana team implemented the processes specified in the project to Siebel, including the assignment of contracts by importing documents or the creation of summaries and alerts for information supplies. The register of new contacts and phone numbers and the management of opportunities data were improved as well.

Autana also developed new functionalities in the Prosegur CRM program, Siebel, so that it could collect mail sent to the formerly mentioned account and file the attached pictures automatically. These photographs would be stored with a new typology and new names generated by the application itself that would directly depend on the business unit which the worker who sends them belongs to.


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