What was needed:

Interbank needed a single solution that could centralize all information related to their customers so that their sales force could be automated and multichannel marketing campaigns could be created in order to reduce time to market. With these purposes in mind, Interbank decided to implement the Vertical Financial Services functionality of Oracle Siebel CRM 8.0.


What we carried out:

To set this customer relationships manager, Autana together with Novasys Peru, being both Oracle partners, focused on the commercial aspect of Interbank as well as their customer service. Marketing campaigns would be managed throughout their complete life cycle and clients data to be collected by means of marketing campaigns were detailed. Moreover, generated opportunities were monitored and call centre procedures were defined to comply the established regulations.

A Siebel CRM implementation well adapted to Interbank’s business needs was the resulting software, which increased sales and reduced the time spent in customer service.


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