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Una herramienta que motiva a los consultores de venta y les ayuda a afrontar sus retos diariamente!
Somos expertos en Siebel CRM y ofrecemos resultados sistémicos a su empresa. Obtenga más información de qué podemos hacer por su organización.
Aseguramos la correcta implantación de las soluciones identificadas para optimizar los procesos de gestión de clientes.

Committed with our customers' success!

Autana Business Partners focuses on the definition and procedure design and implementation of systems aimed at optimizing the management processes of customers from the areas of marketing, to sales and after sales service, covering all aspects of the "front office" of the company. We think of ourselves as an innovating corporation as we look at “becoming” our customer’s business partners, helping towards the achievement of its objectives, be they increased sales, improved customer loyalty and retention, or reduce costs through continuous improvement of the different elements involved in customer management.



Calle Velázquez 27, Principal Centro Izquierda - 28001 Madrid (Spain)

Phone: +34 914 321 285

Fax: +34 914 321 293



Why Autana?

Autana Business Partners is famous for considering all our customers as business partners. This point of view shows a complete customer relationship orientation. As a consecuence of this strategy the customers results will be shown not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

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Our products

  • FasTest: a new tool for test automation in Siebel 8.
  • AutanaCRM: an easy and intuitive customer relationship management system.

Our Blog

Autana Business Partners wants to keep you informed of the latest trends in the world of new technologies, go and take advantage of all the help that you can get from our bloggers !!!
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